Bitter Mass Cooking

A work for large groups by Markus Binner

Bitter as the taste of resistance, collectively rejected, breed out by the food industry, needed by the body builds the basis of this work. In a collaborative cooking process we'll have time for the taste and the term.

All together are cooking a multi-course menu, offered to themselves as a buffet. Thru drawings on small cards groups are built. In each group there is a team leader (F├╝hrungsspieler) with whom all the tasks und the whole piece has been talked over in advance.

Each course will be cooked by one group of cooks. On the cards is drawn which ingredients should be prepared in which way. Working steps which are usually done successively, could be, thanks to the many cooks, done at the same time. That's how we save the time we'll loose in social processes.

One further group is responsible for the service. Arranging tables, staking plates, folding napkins, spreading tablecloth, building the buffet, clearing away.

The group of the conductors tries to get instantly an overview, to direct interventionally. They coordinate, they pay attention on tempo and the schedule. They recast if necessary and are doing the menial tasks - taking out the garbage.

On the other hand the guerilla-group tries to develop ideas, suggestions, attempts to influence and change work processes and their results. They care, for may be unliked transportation of ingredients, between groups, they create shortage and crises. They improve dishes, they develop innovations.

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