Cooking with 60 Cooks

"dear  all,

my idea is, that we only prepare food that is (1.) wrapped in something: a lot of gifts. 

maybe onigiri, omelettes, filled knödel, strudel, kärntner nudeln, dumplings, spring and summerrolls, tapioka, galettes, rouladen, sveler, enchiladas, börek, ingrediants in a batter, filled salad-leaves, kibbeh, pupusas, bruat, arepa, filled octopus, filled celery, tigelli, ujiaobing, gözleme, pitta, filled dango, crespelle, breaded things, covered fruits with chocolate, gyoza …

and (2.) please bring an ingredient with a connection to anja. just a little bit.  maybe something you shared together, you have eaten together, something which reminds you.  

anja eats no milk products, no gluten, no meat.

see you markus”